McKinsey’s: The Seven Traits of Effective Digital Enterprise

I host a series of mentor sessions, which I truly enjoy. It gives me an opportunity to share great materials and learn from the mentees.  For this week’s session, I had the team read “The Seven Traits for Effective Digital Enterprises” by Tunde Olanrewju, Kate Smaje and Paul Willmott of McKinsey.

Some take a ways from the article that all employees, managers, owners and CEO’s can apply:

Be Unreasonably Aspirational – we are expected to think differently.  Utilize what makes us unique and really take it all the way to the edge.  Make those around you feel nervous with your forward leaning recommendations.

Challenge Everything – Ask WHY again and again.  The further you are removed from the process, the easier it is to see the obvious.

Create a Zero-Based Budget, which aligns the resources with the values and strategies to be accomplished.  Invest across the value chain.  If you are not employing Zero-Based budget methodologies, I would say get with it.  The longer your organization has been alive, the bigger the opportunity to yield funds which can be reallocated to higher value solutions.

The Article is a quick read: The Seven Traits of Effective Digital Enterprises