Team is Everything

When you figure out this life truth, then you will know that we are all connected and the power for success resides more on our side than on the site of fate.  Team means you play for one goal, you share the credit and you play to your team Capturemember’s strengths.  In your business, you have to be honest with yourself.  Whether you own a plumbing company, a home security company, a flower shop, a bakery or a caterer, do you feel you are oneteam?  Frankly, large companies are slowly starting to figure out that teams are critical and definitely the smaller businesses have not even begun to figure this out…until now.  Here is the plan for you as the owner of your business:

1) Define the goals for your business.  Sounds basic, but if you don’t have any goals, or worse yet your team doesn’t know the goals then you already know why you are not where you want to be.  Be clear on your goals.  If you have not completed goals or if you have not communicated goals then stop right now and put pen to paper and define your goals.  Your employees want to follow, but they need CLEAR and CRISP Goals along the tactics that need to be in play to make those goals as reality.

2) Assess the members on your team.  What positions need to be played and whom do you have on the team already?  Are you playing your team members to their strengths or are you just trying to get folks to play?  What are their personalities and are you playing to their personality strength?  For selecting candidates to work in my organization, I require each to complete the Briggs Myers Test.  Here is a free test for you to use to help determine your employees and candidate’s personality type.  I like to useDavid Keirsey’s site to get a quick read of their type and how it plays into our organization.  Know your team so you can know how to best use their strengths to your advantage.

3) Create a Cause.   Your team will rally behind your cause if it is something greater than yourself and the goal of making money.  For example, if you are a home security company, offering safety and peace of mind could be your cause.  Supporting your local police departments and firefighters shows your employees and your customers you are committed to safety.  You are not in the security home system business; you are in the safety business.  Think about the over 1 million non-profits out there in the U.S.  How are they able to get so many people to volunteer and work for pennies on the dollar?  It is because they are working for a cause greater than themselves.  Create a real and meaningful cause in your organization.  You will be a forerunner in the small business community and your business will grow because everyone wants to play for the winning team and frankly customers want to be a part of a winning business too.

I have seen leaders in large and medium businesses who are exceptionally brilliant and the concept of team seems elusive to them.  These leaders and their businesses are still making money, but leaving money on the table they may not even imagine.

I can tell the health of a team by asking a few questions of their leaders.  What are the goals of the company, what are the strengths of the company and what is its culture?  I recently attended a dinner with a vendor technical sales leader and I could not help myself but ask him several questions about his company.  I was surprised by his honesty and concerned about the business after we left.  In fact, as we were driving home, I remember thinking “why can’t businesses’ valuation include a factor for it’s organizational health?  A team maybe winning on paper but how they are actually playing on the field will tell you whether those are real winnings or just low hanging fruit that eventually falls off.   In my opinion valuation should include an component for an organization’s health.  You have to ask the questions and get people to be real.  I now know better and now you do too.

Want to win?  Then know Team is Everything!

Get Inspired

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You are one of nearly 6 million; you employ 59 million people with a payroll of $2 trillion annually.  It is because of you that our economy leans on.  In my opinion, your grit, determination and perseverance helped to sustain us through this great recession.

As you go forward, your strategic and tactical decisions will be key to allow your employees to rest easier at night knowing they can count on your leadership to give them peace of mind.

You should be proud of who you are.  You are what have made our country great.  Now more than ever you call upon what you know and dig deep, real deep.  If you want your business to survive and grow, you will have to open your minds to things you have never thought about, you will have to be willing to take risks and think about progressive topics that may seem unconventional.  You will have to open your hearts to love something different than you may have loved before.  And you will have to open your spirit to a new sense of grit and determination beyond anything you have ever done.

This site will give you a toolbox of thoughtful and insightful topics.  Use them and make them your own.  This is not a follow these instructions to improve or make your business successful.  Heck no.  This is a site is provocative.  Use these tools to think, create and execute a business strategy that is right for you.  One that rings true to your inner beat.  That is the only way your business will succeed.  I will just tell you, though be ready to bring on your game and be it will be tough.

Ready to take your business to a new level?  Be vulnerable and be inspirational.  You have to be inspirational to move forward.  When times are tough, which they will, it is your inspiration that will see you through.  Get Inspired!

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