IBM Co Investing in Training – Employees Staying Relevant in this Fast Pace Technological Society

Computerworld broke this week that IBM recently distributed a letter to a select group of IBM employees.  According to Computerworld, a copy of the Sept. 12 memo was sent to IBM employees in its Global Technology Services strategic outsourcing group. The memo sent to affected employees opens by telling the impacted employees that an assessment has revealed “that some managers and employees have not kept pace with acquiring the skills and expertise needed to address changing client needs, technology and market requirements.”

The counter response by an unnamed employee: “I have spent the whole of 2014 improving my skills and my manager has reviewed and approved my ‘skills Update.’ I have received recognition this year for sharing my expertise and offered to be a mentor when asked. So just where are my skills lacking?”

I think this speaks to employees, managers and leaders having a common understanding of the skills required to stay relevant.  More importantly this further supports the importance of Life Long Learning and the importance of being interested in learning and growing.  At the end of the day, the more you know and can contribute, the more value you create for others, yourself and society.

Catch the full article at Computerworld.