Every Dream Every Action Every Word Resides Within You


Russell, I appreciate your words of wisdom and inspiration.  Success requires tenacity and to some extend a deaf ear to those that wish to see only the negative and not the possible.  Keep giving the message and pushing people out of their comfort zone.  Having met many people over the years that are out there living their dream, big or small, I realize it comes from within.  The spirit to win, to make a difference, to have meaning and purpose in your life, to have hope, to have grace, to have love, to be generous and give back and to have morals, principles and values that drive you to dream a bigger dream and share it with the world is all within each and everyone one of us.  It  requires work, overcoming cynicism and skeptics and it requires standing still to hear what calls us.

For all those that repudiate I say to you: Stand Still and hear what is inside your amazing heart, mind and spirit.  Whatever is in your heart, soul and mind is unique to only you and only in this moment and in this lifetime.  Whatever you speak comes from within you.  Whatever you become is a manifestation of what is within you.  Be the best version of yourself and do good with what you are.  Life has a way of giving you back with dividends what you give in the world.  Be Amazing.