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•单边支持/反对 •探讨双方


•陈述利弊 •半支持半反对


•分析解决 •多重选择


构成:引言段 + 主体段 + 结论段




组成:开头句(Opening sentence)+ 中心论点 步骤:引入话题,同义转述,再根据写作任务表达中心论点


I、Opening sentence 五种方法:



(一)、引人入胜 思路:用一个比较有趣的话题先吊起考官的胃口,并吸引他们往下看


题目 1:Many schools demand the students to wear uniforms. Some people think that such a practice can undermine their personality and individuality.




The issue of whether the practice of requiring students to wear


school uniforms will affect their perso星际备用网址多少钱nality and individuality is of great interest to many people.




Be of great co星际备用网址多少钱ncern for many parents




Be of great im星际备用网址多少钱portance to many scientists




Be of great significance to both A and B


„对于 A 和 B 都是非常重要的



星际备用网址多少钱题目 2.:人类如何定义和追求幸福,这样的问题引起公众广泛的争议。 范文:


The question of how human beings can define and pursue happiness is a matter of much contention among the general public.




星际备用网址多少钱The question of _____________ has been widely debate in the world of politics.


(二)、力排众议 思路:先驳斥大众的某个普遍但却错误的观念,指出其与现实不符,然后提出自己的想法 或正确想法,并在主体段列举各种理由、证据以及活生生和例子来论证。


星际备用网址多少钱套路:Although it is + 副词 + 过去分词 + that „.,this is „....



题目 1:The older generations have very traditional ideas about the correct ways of life, thinking and behavior. However, some people think that these ideas are not helpful for the young generations to prepare for modern life.


范文 1:


Although it is commonly believed that conventional views about a healthy lifestyle and proper conduct are no longer to young people’s needs today, this is actually not the case.




题目 2:越来越少人照看年老的亲属,而是把他们送到专业人士那边去。



范文 2:Although many people subscribe to the belief that their old relatives can be taken better care of in a nursing home, this is in fact a common misco星际备用网址多少钱nception that we need to clear up. From my point of view,


it is the younger family members who should really be respo星际备用网址多少钱nsible for looking after these old people during the rest of their lives.


释义: ①普遍认为„,但事实并非如下。


Although it is commonly believed that „, this is actually not the case.



②许多人认同这样的星际备用网址多少钱„,但事实上这却是一种我们需要去澄清的普遍错误观念。 Although many people subscribe to the belief that „., this is in fact a common misco星际备用网址多少钱nception that we need to clear up.




Although conventional wisdom has it that„., the reality of the situation is often far more complicated than that.




subscribe to 订阅、同意、预订 co星际备用网址多少钱nventional wisdom大众观念


星际备用网址多少钱(三)、放眼世界 思路:从“时间”或“地点”的跨度着手,比如:过去怎么样?


题目 1:Some people support the development in agriculture, such as farming industry and the scientific creation of new types of fruit and vegetables. Others oppose this development.Discuss both views and state your opinion.



Recent decades have witnessed a major transformation in agricultural development, wher industrial technologies are being employed and new varieties of crops are being created. Yet, oppo星际备用网址多少钱nents of this development have raised a number of difficult questions. From my opinion of views, this is a really complicated matter, and we need further investigations to understand the bigger picture.






星际备用网址多少钱Recent decades have witnessed an increase awareness of




understand the bigger picture 了解事物的全貌



星际备用网址多少钱题目 2:With divorce rates and family breakdowns increasing globally, it is generally accepted that families today are not as close they used to be.


范文 2:


星际备用网址多少钱Divorce and family breakdown were virtually unheard of just 100 years ago. Now, however, almost half of all marriages fail. This phenomenon is symptomatic of the growing distance between family members in modern society.




(四)、兼收并蓄 题目 1:谁该为修路付费,个人还是政府?




Some people hold the opinion that the government should make more investments is expanding and improving road systems, wheras


others who are not so convinced present the counterargument that it is the responsibility of the growing number of private car users to deal with the huge costs. In my opinion, both sides of the argument have their


own reasons, and we need a detailed analysis to get to the root of this controversy.


星际备用网址多少钱(五)、 异军突起 题目 1:谈个人星际备用网址多少钱的发展与贫富差异„ 范 文 1 :


With the huge expansion of high technologies available to individuals, it is sometimes argued that eco星际备用网址多少钱nomic and cultural gaps between the rich and poor are being further widened.


星际备用网址多少钱题目 2:淡大型超市和商场的急剧扩张..


范文 2:


With the unprecedented explosion of large supermarkets and


shopping malls, a lot of small local shops have quietly disappeared while the remaining ones are struggling for hopeless survival.




unprecedented explosion 前所未有的爆发

范文 3:


With the continuous and gradual evolution of mass media, many serious crimes are now described in greater detail on newspapers, television and the Internet, raising considerable public concern over personal safety and social stability.


范文 4:


星际备用网址多少钱With the mass extinction of endangered and rare species, many


countries have taken harsh measures against illegal hunting, unregulated dumping of industrial waste and rampant destruction of their natural habitats by human developers.








提问:Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


范文 1:(反对)


→In my opinion, these subject are not o星际备用网址多少钱nly useful but also fascinating, and it is simply too early for primary schoolchildren to study science and technology.

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